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Our Patient Care Philosophy

"We have dedicated our practice to specializing in Pelvic & Orthopedic physical therapy because both are highly effective in relieving pain and restoring mobility throughout the body. Our therapists have extensive training in these specialties and are able to accelerate our patients' recovery through longer one-hour private sessions and innovative, personalized treatment plans. Most important, we believe in compassion and empowering our patients through education, as we work  together to restore their well being."

--Dr. Maureen Gies Strasser Physical Therapist & Owner

Pelvic Floor Therapy

In both men and women, when the muscles, ligaments and tissues that surround the pelvic area are tight and irritated, the results are pain, incontinence and many other dysfunctions in the body.

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Orthopedic Therapy

We understand how orthopedic problems from athletic injuries, surgery and joint replacement can greatly impede your quality of life. Our goal is to restore your optimal strength and flexibility and lower your pain with innovative, individualized treatment plans.

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Pediatric Therapy

Pediatric Therapy

We treat a variety of pediatric conditions from torticollis to developmental delay, toe walking, hypotonia, and orthopedic conditions.

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Compassionate and Innovative Care to Speed Your Recovery